Swimwear Care

Let's take care of your brand new and unique Love, Martina swimsuit!


When it comes to our swimsuits, we believe in forever, and for your Love, Martina to last many summers & beach days it requires special care.

Handwash and rinse after each use in cold water to keep your beauties from shedding microfibers.

Air dry! By skipping the dryer - and greenhouse gas emissions - you’ll make your swimsuit live longer. Avoid direct sunlight and lay them suits flat in a cool, dry place.

For care, we recommend picking an all-natural, eco-friendly cleanser or iodegradable soap. You can also slip your beach look in a washing bag and pop it into your washing machine to prevent any unnecessary shedding - and to stop fibers from entering our oceans. In cold water, always!

Ps: Take turns! We know you have a favorite beach look, but the key to making your Love, Martina’s last longer is waiting for it to dry completely before the next use. If you're planning to spend a few days dressed in a bikini, bring a couple of different suits to mix & match your suit - and to give your swimwear some resting time. 

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